Children’s Care Foundation Grants Work to Play $25,000

Urban Initiatives is thrilled to announce the Children’s Care Foundation has renewed its funding for our Work to Play program. The Children’s Care Foundation has been a dedicated supporter of Urban Initiatives since 2015 and we are grateful for their continued advocacy of youth development programming.

Their contribution will support one of our Work to Play schools, Richard J. Daley Elementary Academy. Daley has been a partner of Urban Initiatives since 2010 and their commitment to the Work to Play program is impressive. They are always on time and ready immediately engage in high-energy activities as a team. Daley houses some of Urban Initiatives’ strongest and skilled players who, although fierce on the field, consistently display good sportsmanship by being friendly and supportive of others.

The Children’s Care Foundation’s contribution and support of Daley will allow these players to flourish as they continue with the Work to Play program and we couldn’t be more excited! Thank you from the Urban Initiatives team!